Defense and Security Technologies

o Protection and Security Systems
Border Security,
Critical Facility Security,
Pipeline security,
Oil Platform Security Systems,
Transportation Systems Security,
CBRN Systems,
Airport Security
City Security
o Land Platforms Solutions
Armored Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicle
Mobile Mortar Firing Systems
o Command Control and Intelligence, Reconnaissance Solutions (C4ISR)
Electrooptical Intelligence and Surveillance Systems
  • Air Surveillance
  • Marine Surveillance
  • Land Surveillance
Artificial Intelligence Supported Intelligent Sensor Operator Support System
Image Processing and Sensor Fusion
o Integrated EH and RF Systems
Intelligent Jammer Systems
Anti-Drone Detection and Warning Systems
o Unmanned Aerial Platforms and Subsystems
UAV Development and Test Infrastructure
Herd UAV Management System
VTOL Platforms
UAV Subsystem Solutions
o Test Site and Systems Development
Test Site Monitoring Systems
o Modeling and Simulation
Ballistic Simulation
Threat Analysis and Security Infrastructure Simulations
Joint and Single (sea, air, land) Wargame Simulations
Disaster Simulations
Sensor and Image simulations
Embedded Simulation Systems
Digital Twin Systems Development
o Cyber Security Solutions (NAC, Data Diode)