Human Resources Policy

NOKTA TEKNOLOJI positions Human Resources Management at the center of its business strategies and aims to manage all HR practices in an interconnected, integrated system in order to increase its competitiveness, use high technology to provide added value, maintain its leading position in the sector with its understanding of quality products and services, and carry the company and its stakeholders to the future.

To this end, by keeping our Human Resources processes at the center of our business priorities and targets we aim to be adopt an approach that;
Shapes the business processes within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety principles and responsibilities,
Offers qualified and measurable training and development opportunities to its employees for continuous improvement and development
Creates a training and development environment for its employees for them to realize, develop and use their potential, respectively by focusing on their internal abilities,
Ekip çalışmasını, takımdaşlık bilincini destekleyen,
İleri teknolojileri Öğrenmeye açık olma anlayışı ile şirket kültürüne yeni teknolojileri entegre eden
Supports teamwork, teamwork awareness,
Integrates new technologies into the company culture with an understanding of being open to learning advanced technologies,