Our Core Values

We believe that our commitment to our core values has been the driving force behind our years of success, and we are confident that our dedication to these inherited values will be the key to our continued growth.

These values are well-rooted at all levels of the Group and are integrated into our various business and people management processes. Our employees are trained and encouraged to live by these values, rather than just applying them at work.

Customer Orientedness

Our starting point is to deliver the requests of our customers on time and in accordance with their wishes. We are constantly striving to show ourselves by going beyond customer satisfaction.


We believe that honesty and impartiality contribute to the building of a culture of trust and respect, which is the building block of reliable business. Teamwork

Team Work

We support the establishment of productive, long-term and healthy relationships between our employees, companies, suppliers and subcontractors. This gives us a competitive advantage by strengthening the synergy and provides a faster and more effective delivery of work.

Our Employees

Our success is deeply related to the performance, loyalty and support of our employees. We believe that it is our duty to provide our employees a working environment that does not discriminate and that provides opportunities, differentiates and enriches them and encourages employee motivation, excellence and growth.


We recognize the importance of innovation in helping deliver the best solution and value to our customers. We constantly follow global technological and process developments and also support and reward in-house innovation and progress.