Our Ethical Principles

Nokta Teknoloji, Employees and Stakeholders

Take care to be transparent, fair and equitable in all its relations.

Do not engage in any relationship, benefit, activity or initiative that in their opinion will adversely affect the interests of the Country and the Company while performing their duties and responsibilities, they

Set acting in accordance with its corporate values and business ethics as their main ethical principle in all their business and transactions and act accordingly.

Put the interests of the Company above their own interests; act responsibly towards all stakeholders and exert maximum effort to protect the natural environment. Protect the environment for today's and tomorrow's generations, comply with applicable environmental protection laws and regulations, and work in accordance with occupational safety and worker health legislation.

Consider all resources of the company as a national resource and pays maximum attention to their effective and efficient use.

Take responsibility at the highest level for their work and fulfill what is necessary. In these matters; they sincerely contribute to the creation of a rational, honest, well-planned, productive, participatory and peaceful working environment, and to the development and maintenance of this environment.